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Supernova (2000)

“God, what happened to your robot?” – Supernova (2000)

In  a perfect world, Walter Hill’s record as a director would be unblemished. Streets Of Fire, 48 Hours, The Warriors, Southern Comfort, Red Heat. Any of them would define the 70’s and 80’s in American cinema and its goals. Unfortunately, everybody’s run ends somewhere. Hill’s ended with this abomination of a film, Supernova, and took him over twelve years to be trusted with another movie. Which is sad given that the film could have been a great film both in terms of pacing and execution.

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“You shouldn’t have asked about that thing in Dubai.” – Survivor (2015)

Pierce Brosnan playing a bad guy for the first time since, oh I don’t know, The Ghost Writer or Don’t Talk To Strangers? Directed by the director of V for Vendetta? Plus, Milla Jovovich headlining a film that wasn’t directed or produced by her husband (the lady doesn’t need her husband for her roles, I just feel she’s able to tackle something other than Resident Evil all the time)? OK, sign me up. Did it work? Some ways, yes and in others, nooooo.

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