The Initiation (1984)

“It’s like lookin’ into a mirror!” | The Initiation (1984)

Dreams and nightmares are the fuel of most good horrors and thrillers. From antiquity to the modern novel and all the way through to cinema and videogames, it is a fertile ground to launch any kind of journey of uncertainty. In The Initiation, a dream is all main character Kelly Fairchild has to go on. Too bad someone is stalking her at the same time. Trailer (NSFW) and review after the jump.

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Satan's Blade (1980)

Satan’s Blade (1980/1984)

Have you ever wanted a slasher movie where the drama is more important than the kills? Some nubile young people, a murdering nutter, a batpoop insane curse, hammy acting and more combine to make up the crazy Satan’s Blade, a film that prides itself with withholding just the twist and only the twist. Trailer and review after the break.

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“Evelyn! No, please!” – Killer Dames Double Bill Arrow boxset (1971/1972)

Emilio Miraglia is an Italian director who was most active in the 1970’s. He directed around six features (though he could have worked uncredited in more) and then vanished from the scene (literally). While he directed different genres, he’s most famous for two features: The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (La notte che Evelyn uscì dalla tomba) and The Red Queen Kills Seven Times (La dama rossa uccide sette volte). Trailers (NSFW!) and more after the break.

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“A few more seconds and you’d have been a roast duck.” – Deep Red (1975)

I love watching Italian Giallo films and after a few false starts, I got stuck into a proper Giallo film by a man who pretty much invented or helped to invent the genre as we know it today. Deep Red is a classic murder mystery with lashings of blood, violence and non-sequitur characters that lead you down one path and back up others told by a filmmaker who, at least in this project, knows exactly what he’s doing.

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“The dead like to be left alone.” – Fulci’s The Black Cat (1981)

Lucio Fulci has many films to his credit that exemplify his talents as one of Italy’s foremost horror directors. Zombie Flesh Eaters, City of the Living Dead and The Beyond to name a few and those were his most celebrated but he had a career spanning three decades. A lot of his projects were deliberate choices, creative endeavours so The Black Cat might seem an odd choice for Fulci but between his directing style and the way the film turned out, I think it’s one of Fulci’s better films.

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It all happened on a night like this one – Madman (1983)

One of the early 80’s slashers, Madman is soaked in the myth of the evil that lurks just beyond the treeline. A group of camp counselors are packing up the kids in their charge for the end of the summer and responsible adult Max tells one more ghost story at the campfire. But in true form, the tale they tell is real. Madman Marz killed his family, was lynched by the townspeople and then escaped into the woods around his house. He’s not been seen since but if you say his name above a whisper, he’ll get you. They do. He does.

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Force 10 From Navarone (1978)

“Miller, THAT USELESS GIT!” – Force 10 From Navarone (1978)

When Star Wars burst onto the scene, science fiction movies were suddenly the name of the game and the studios started churning them out, some good, some bad. But through a confluence of accident, delay and great timing, one last film would hark back to the days of derring-do and giving the Jerries what for while the future was busy being artificial, corporate and paranoid. Oh, and it starred Han Solo. As in THE Han Solo. With Quint from Jaws. Just look at the trailer for Force 10 From Navarone, OK? See you after the jump.

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“You shouldn’t have asked about that thing in Dubai.” – Survivor (2015)

Pierce Brosnan playing a bad guy for the first time since, oh I don’t know, The Ghost Writer or Don’t Talk To Strangers? Directed by the director of V for Vendetta? Plus, Milla Jovovich headlining a film that wasn’t directed or produced by her husband (the lady doesn’t need her husband for her roles, I just feel she’s able to tackle something other than Resident Evil all the time)? OK, sign me up. Did it work? Some ways, yes and in others, nooooo.

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“Why don’t you pass the time by playing a little Solitaire?” The Manchurian Candidate – (1962)

I was supposed to post this review on Wednesday night but I didn’t feel so good. So I decided Thursday morning was a better time. Turns out I got a respiratory tract infection. So I’ve spent the last few days in bed asleep for the most part. I am writing this from my bed. The thing about being sick and asleep is that any dreams you would have, you probably wouldn’t remember them. So if you were really unwell, how would you know you were dreaming? Would you remember you were asleep? Would you remember to wake up? What if you did something heinous in a dream? It’s ok if it happens in a dream but what if it’s not a dream? This is the conundrum posed by The Manchurian Candidate.

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