Pete's Dragon (2016)

“You are the bravest boy I’ve ever met.” | Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Disney continues their assault on our wallets, tilling their back catalogue of animated films and characters for live action fodder. So far, their efforts have been successful with Maleficent, Jungle Book and Cinderella scoring big. But how will they do with a remake of 1977’s Pete’s Dragon? Trailer and review after the break.

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Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016)

“Mr. Darcy!” – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

I’m reminded, watching the film we’re going to look at now, of that line from Predator by Arnold Schwarzenegger: “So you cooked up a story and dropped the six of us in a meatgrinder?” Because that’s largely what happens in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, the film we didn’t know we needed until now. How will the world of Jane Austen and Zombies be after it was all over? Trailer and answers after the jump.

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“Gross!” – TerrorVision (1986)

TerrorVision is not a good movie. Good movies have decent acting, a noteworthy script or a competent direction. Qualities TerrorVision does not possess. Despite all this, it is one of the most sinful of guilty pleasures and you should thank the film gods that it exists. Quite how it all works, well, we’ll get into that now.

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“What is coming?” “Doom!” – Fantastic Four (2015)

Here’s a short review from my Letterboxd profile since I didn’t want to devote more time on a review for the newest Fox version of the Fantastic Four than I had to. Enjoy (or not).

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“I can hold my breath for a long, long time!” – Creepshow (1982)

Heard of Creepshow? No? Night of the Living Dead creator George A. Romero turns his attention from zombies to anthology horror in this 80’s gem, delighting horror and thriller fans with his own take of the blood-curdling tales synonymous with EC Comics.

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“I Trust You, Lili” – Legend (1985)

Like a forgotten story, Ridley Scott’s Legend keeps coming around all the time to remind me that fairy tales can still look and sound credible and that they have to power to entertain and captivate audiences if done right. A battle for the light against the very manifestation of darkness itself, a quest to save a person’s one true love before they are destroyed and sacrificed on the altar of desire and covetousness. A sumptuous looking film, shot in ochre dungeon oranges, pale whites of winter and hazy technicolor dreams of meadowy youth. Yeah, Legend is all of those things and more. Continue reading

“I talk to God all the time, and, no offense, but he never mentioned you” Ladyhawke (1985)

Come the 1980’s and suddenly studios are going nuts about fantasy films. Krull, Princess Bride, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Legend, The Neverending Story, Willow, Conan The Barbarian (we will not speak of Conan The Destroyer). All of these films alone were worth the price of a movie ticket. One other film that snuck into the category, helmed by a man who has pretty much ensured that comic book movies will never be treated as camp. Richard Donner might be famous as the director of Superman 1 & 2, The Goonies and the Lethal Weapon films, but he directed one of my favourite films from the 80’s: Ladyhawke.

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Flaming Horses, Emo Errol Flynn, Liam Neeson and Space R*pe

Welcome back after such a long hiatus! Tonight in Theater 1 I have Jeremy from Destroy All Podcasts DX in talk about Krull, the best D’n’D movie that never was (and that beats the Jeremy Irons one too). Along the way we talk about Liam Neeson, Robin Hood, James Bond and Steve McQueen for some strange reason.

WARNING: Jeremy and I swear a LOT on this podcast. So if you can’t find an explicit tag on this in iTunes then I’m telling you that it is explicit.

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