Pete's Dragon (2016)

“You are the bravest boy I’ve ever met.” | Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Disney continues their assault on our wallets, tilling their back catalogue of animated films and characters for live action fodder. So far, their efforts have been successful with Maleficent, Jungle Book and Cinderella scoring big. But how will they do with a remake of 1977’s Pete’s Dragon? Trailer and review after the break.

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Zootopia/Zootropolis (2016)

“Hey, Flash, wanna hear a joke?” – Zootopia/Zootropolis (2016)

From the opening shot of Zootopia with its school recital, the film is firmly in hero Judy Hoops corner. She is an anomaly, wanting to be a police officer, because she’s a bunny and bunnies work on farms or at the very least, work quaint office jobs. So when she leaves Bunnyburrow for the big city, everything in her past tells her she’s making a mistake. But the minute she plays “Try Everything” by Shakira (as the character Gazelle) in her headphones and sees the tall spires of Zootopia, Judy and we are in for a different kind of Disney adventure.

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“You’re me and more.” The Good Dinosaur (2015)

It had to happen at some time, I suppose. PIXAR, that eponymous animation studio and makers of such timeless stories like Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, had to have a dud. But for most studios, a dud would be something that failed to fly with audiences and therefore didn’t take a lot to the bank. A PIXAR dud, what does that look like? When your output is such that people expect your films to be the film equivalent of the Sermon on the Mount, releasing something less than that makes viewers scratch their heads. The Good Dinosaur comes at a time when PIXAR is relying more on its franchises than original ideas so I was curious to see if it keeps the flame at the studio alive or snuffs itself out.

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